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New Bliss Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat adds everything you wanted in the luxury classed bidet.  The new design is flat-out lovely, both to look at and to use.   Discover for yourself a new level of quality when you fit a Bliss appliance in your bathroom. 

Bliss bidets look stunning, with a luxurious pearlescent finish on the top bar. Fluid outlines give Bliss models beauty and personality, so Bliss will brighten and modernize your bathroom.

Treat yourself to a modern bidet with style, panache and quality.

• Hybrid On-Demand heating system for unlimited warm water
• “U- Pick” 2 color Wireless remote control (BB-2000)
• Exclusive Hydro-Flush “Inside-out” Nozzle cleaning
• Solid Stainless Steel nozzle
• Patented 3 in 1 technology with vortex water stream
• Full Touch Screen Angled Side Panel
• “One-Motion” nozzle replacement
• Aerated Bubble Technology
• Cool Blue Night Light
• Stylish design and comfortable heated seat
• Auto Wash | Kid Wash
• One (1) year 100% warranty
• Posterior, feminine, and vortex warm-water washes
• Water and seat temperature settings
• Water pressure controls
• Adjustable warm air dryer
• Active carbon deodorizer
• Nozzle oscillation feature
• Pulsating/Massage feature
• Intelligent body sensor
• "Quick Release" for easy seat removal and cleaning
• Gentle closing seat and lid
• Automatic power-save mode